Are you tired of jumping through hoops to please your picky eaters at dinner times?

Welcome to my quick and easy dinner ideas with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Solve the mystery of what to cook tonight with quick and easy recipes from my collection.

Look below and see a sample of the recipes available like Meat, Chicken even Fish Ideas.


quick and easy meat recipes for dinner
Todays quick and easy side recipes for dinner
quick and easy fish recipes for dinner
find quick and easy dessert recipes for dinner

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake – the English way Classic English fruit cake conjures up Sunday afternoons with tea, a good movie on the TV and normally one or two of the family members asleep after having eaten far too much dinner. My mum makes a really good fruit cake and when I was... read more

homemade chicken pot pie

Little Chicken Pies Serves 4 Traditionally I would add a large dollop of creamy mash potato on top of my homemade chicken pot pie but this time I have opted for a healthy version, it tastes just as good but with fewer calories and less fat and is so quick and easy to... read more

Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

Quick and easy leftover turkey idea Turkey Pot Pie Recipe This is my turkey pot pie recipe, I don’t just cook turkey at Christmas, Easter or even Thanksgiving, I cook a turkey sometimes on a weekend. My husband has an infatuation with turkeys. If they are on offer at... read more

Chicken Korma from scratch

Chicken Korma from scratch Originally from Central Asia, korma is a dish cooked in yoghurt with various spices, seeds and nuts and is first believed to have been developed in the Royal Court in India. The dish is now also very popular in the UK. This might not be... read more

My super scrummy roast potatoes

Super scrummy roast potatoes What is a roast dinner without a hefty pile of roast potatoes. Oh dear I hear you cry – all those carbs! Well to hell with the carbs now and then as I cannot live without a good old roastie at least once a week – it just makes me exercise... read more

Super tender beef stew

Quick and easy tender beef stew When the days start to draw in and it gets dark early there is nothing better to come home to then the smell of a rich beef stew cooking. Since living in Canada I have embraced my Crockpot (slow cooker in England) and use it at least... read more

Seafood Paella Recipe

La Paella – Your Seafood Paella Recipe Having lived in the Valencia for 10 years I have a good idea of what paella tastes like! There are all different variations, the most common is chicken and rabbit but the next most popular is seafood paella. As Valencia is... read more

Bomba Rice

Bomba Rice This rice is used to make the perfect paella. It is a small grain rice and soaks up to three times its volume unlike other grains of rice which only soak up twice the amount. The grains expand as they absorb the liquid and form little bomb shapes – hence... read more

Spanish Tortilla Recipe

Spanish Omelette Spanish Tortilla is very popular in Casa de Coscolin. My mother-in-law, who was from Cordoba, made an excellent Spanish omelette and there is not one member of our household that does not enjoy it. When the children were younger and going to school in... read more

Very Cherry Muffins

Very Cherry Muffins   What is a quick and easy dinner without a quick and easy dessert? It would be rude not to include desserts within this blog. We are a mixed bunch in Casa de Coscolin, Pete is not too keen on dessert but will indulge in an apple pie (warm)... read more

Perfect Herby Glazed Pork Roast

Sunday Roast  The Perfect Herby Glazed Pork   The English love a roast dinner on a Sunday lunch time – it is a tradition. When I was younger we normally had this stomach busting meal at 2pm, which was a good thing as you could walk off the ‘I can’t eat no more’... read more

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